For those who is in need to rent the condominium, this is a great news. A flat located in Phnom Penh and near the great independent monument which is the symbol of Cambodia independence from the colonialism is opened to be rent. The environment surrounding this flat provides variety of necessity, such as security, nearby market, mini-mart, hospital, bar, park and so on.

This flat consists of five floors, and each floor has :
- one bedroom
- one kitchen
- one bath room
- some space remain for other convenience
- balcony that can provide a good view of the river side
Comfortable staying with modern furniture and other equipments

if you want to see any pictures please do not hesitate to look the gallery

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  1. For Flat consists:(add more points)
    -Comfortable staying with modern furniture and other equipments...........

    For this section I think you should make "link" to show picture on supermarket, hospital, or bar...